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    Hey Honey,

    Let's Go On An Adventure

  • // About

    Milk + Madu / Madu / The 'Du

    What's the buzz all about?



    A cool neighborhood cafe hangout to chill with friends and family.

    Amazing all day brekkies, delectable lunches, not to mention fabulous dinners!

    The freshest smoothies, luscious salad, wraps, burgers and more.

    We’ve also introduced our own coffee brew called Beans by the Brotherhood.

    Best coffee on the island.

    Kid-friendly and family happy, we have toys and books for bubbas to share.

    Groovy live music on weekends and arts & crafts.

    Great airy ricefield views while you dine.


    Did we mention the pizza?

    Lava stone baked with fantastic toppings to crave for.

    Made with only the best quality ingredients for the most memorable cafe experience in Bali.

    It’s always about great times, fun vibes and good food experiences.


    Milk & Madu is known for great food and good vibes.

    Keeping the community in mind, we want to share ideas, inspire creativity and foster connections.

    Located in coolest neighborhood of Canggu.

    Welcome to Milk & Madu.


    Share the love.

    It just keeps getting better!


    // Much Ado about Madu


    with toys and books to share together

    an amazing playhouse to take your imagination anywhere



    live acoustic acts and weekend hiphop brunches

    to get you movin' in that happy island mood

    When We're Not Sleeping



    All-day Awesome Breakfasts start from 7 am

    Lunch x Pizza starts from 12 noon

    Phenomenal Dinners from 5 to 10 PM


    // Team Spirit

    our amazing crew of queen bees, soldier bees

    and team players who make everyday fun at the cafe

    These are the cool people behind the success of

    Milk + Madu

  • What's Up?

  • Events

    What's Up in Madu in JULY!


    Arts + Crafts at Madu x POP UP

    Attention all creative kids! 🎉

    Here's something super fun!


    Say hello to Arts & Crafts at the Madu x Pop Up!


    Get busy with colors, paint, art and everything exciting you can do almost every single day! 🐵


    Happening at 7 am to 2 pm from Wednesday to Sunday with Ibu Naomi, our crafts angel! 🎨


    The perfect way for bubs to enjoy while mom & dad

    kick back with a lattè and great brekky.


    See you all soon!


    Cheap Takeaways at Madu x POP UP

    CHEAP TAKEAWAYS​ at Madu x Canggu


    Double Deal on Double Days! ✌🏽🍕


    Our original 2-for-1 PIZZA offer just got better!

    We're firing up the pizza oven at the Madu x Pop Up

    in the Goodwood Smokehouse and it's ready to go!

    Crisp crust and flavorful toppings you'll crave.

    2 for the price of 1 -- order 1 Large pizza and get 1 regular sized one for FREE.


    EVERY TUESDAY and SUNDAY, enjoy all your fave flaves from

    5 pm 'til closing!



    Available for takeaway / pick up only 👌🏾

    Call +62 851 02781872 for orders or just drop by!


    2 for 1 Pizza x Madu Ubud


    2 FOR 1 PIZZAS every Tuesday is our fave thing in UBUD!

    You can choose the same style or selection times two!
    You can ask for two different flavors!


    What's sure is that it's gonna be so delicious!


    Starting 5 pm onwards enjoy the best deal at Madu yet!

    Order 1 LARGE pizza and get 1 REGULAR pizza FREE.
    Yes, really.

    For DINE IN only.

    You ready? 😍🍕


    All You Can Eat Pizza x Ubud

    You read that right!

    ALL the pizza you fancy for the best dinner in Ubud yet!


    Imagine all your fave flaves and they just keep comin'!

    A bit of this, a lot of that.

    Crunchy. Tasty. Super selections.

    All delicious and hot!


    The fun starts at 5 pm 'til the last slice.

    Bring the whole fam, the gang and your people.

    Kid friendly and loads to love if you're vegetarian too.

    It's an event you can't miss. Happening every Sunday.



    For only 150K ++ per person.

    Dine in only guys.


    The Happiest Hours at Madu x UBUD

    Cheers to this! !


    There’s something good goin’ on at @milkandmadu x UBUD!


    The Happiest Hours are happening from 5 to 7 pm EVERYDAY this July!!


    Get 2 for the price of 1 with all our specially curated cocktails soon as the sun comes down.


    Sharing our exquisite @watercressbali cocktails with the

    ‘Bud Hood for everyone to enjoy!

    Created by Absolut Ambassador for North America and our very good friend @jacobsweetapple.


    This menu is a sure winner!


    KACIR live in Madu x Ubud

    Mark your calendars because Sundays are about to get rockin'⚡️

    Get ready for some live music to get you in the best weekend mood yet!!

    Fantastic music local legend KACIR brings his magnetic energy to Milk & Madu Ubud with electric Sunday tunes from 6 pm onwards! ⚡️
    Join us for an amazing sundown sesh and ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!

    For only 150K ++ order as much as you want on Sundays and we won't stop ya.
    Bring the whole fam.

    Happening every Sunday this July.

    It's all about good vibes and great weekends here in Ubud! ✌🏽

  • Madu Menu

    click on the menu you want to download here

    Breakfast is more than just another meal, it's the kick starter

    to your day.

    It usually starts with the best coffee.

    We use our very own Beans by The Brotherhood.

    100% Arabica using Ethiopian and Columbian blends.

    Truly beautiful.

    Follow that up with freshly made croissants, healthy fruit and veggie juice blends then delicious golden eggs done your way.

    Here at Milk & Madu we take it a step further, we get creative for all the right reasons.

    Going through the menu is fun but choosing will prove to be a challenge. Everything is fantastic.


    Try our famous Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes with butter and chantilly cream.

    Or perhaps you might like our Huevos Rancheros skillet eggs with crispy bacon and proper Mexican flavors, peppers, spices and grilled sourdough. Craving yet?


    Our classic Eggs Benny and The Madu are still signature faves so opt for those and get a heavenly morning for sure.

    Breakfast in Berawa just got a whole lot better!

    Love love love it!


    // Super B's


    hey, honey .

    did we mention

    you get to enjoy this

    all day?


    brunch available between

    7 am 'til 4 pm

    To say we take our coffee seriously would be an understatement.


    Our latté glasses were handcarried from Australia because we wanted the proper, right size glasses.

    We love it so much we made our own from imported 100% Arabica from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

    Our creamy milk comes from expat Australian cows living in Java (yes they have visas).


    Most importantly, we always pour a double ristretto.

    Simply put, it's a single shot of coffee passing through a double hit of coffee grind... it means we get only pure golden crema goodness which makes for the best coffee.

    Full of oils, aroma, richness and taste that a single shot simply can't give you. All this coffee snobbery is pulled through our gorgeous retro La Marzocco machine in the hands of our expert baristas.

    Obsessed... well, only a little.

    Or maybe a lot and that's a good thing.

    We welcome you to linger over a perfect cup or swing by for a quick coffee-to-go.


    // Beans by The Brotherhoood


    Our obsession in bean form.


    What can we say?


    We love good coffee.

    Juice that's so smooth, never boring. We put together this and that for a reason.

    Health benefits, check.

    Flavor factor, mos def.

    We don't just mix stuff at random.


    From the most inventive combos of fruits, veggies and a penchant for superfoods.

    Green Juice that will convert you.

    Kombucha that will uplift and strengthen you.

    Blends we do to rebuild, reduce, refresh, nourish and detox. Press repeat.

    From purist coconut water, super smoothies, cold pressed juice to house made iced teas infused with fruits and topped with sorbet.

    There's something for all.

    You see, we love what we eat but we value what we drink too.

    // The Bevs


    what about drinks?

    what about them?


    no wallflowers

    or Plain Janes here.


    we have plenty fun with ours.

    We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just making all your favorites, really really well.


    Let us paint a delicious picture for you.


    Brioche Burgers with Aussie beef and everything on it or Crispy Southern Fried Chicken and house slaw. Supersized flavorful lamb, chicken pesto or falafel wraps.

    Why not some lush colorful Mexican salad or the intoxicating Poké bowl with fresh line-caught tuna?

    Not counting our amazing showcase with ready-to-go sandwiches and salads too. Yum!


    There's something for everybody and always delicious a reason to return.

    // Lunch Break


    instagram is down

    describe your lunch to me.

    just kidding .

    not really .


    hurry up with that flatlay

    let's eat it already .



    Legendary for making super breakfasts and monster burgers for lunch, wait 'til you see what they've come up with for dinner. It's about creating phenomenal dishes with a strong Australian soul.


    The Madu x Malam experience is all about good food and great moments.


    With choices from excellent starters to satisfying mains, evenings are meant to be enjoyed in a casual setting.

    We want our guests to enjoy something different as well as their favourite pizzas at the same time. Our menu really compliments the pizza offering and our smaller plates are the perfect lighter option.


    The menu doesn't fail to deliver quality and creativity.

    A lot of texture, variety and complexity to inspire you.

    Ingredients are sourced locally and abroad for fresh produce to create dishes that are as much about balance as they are about contrast of flavours.


    Most of all, it's about sharing the moment together and having the best time.


    Let's Do Dinner


    what we do is quite special

    around here

    we love sharing and trying

    a bit of everything

    Our gourmet pizzas are famous for good reason.


    Our philosophy is pretty easy. We love good food and love to share those great experiences with people.

    We source produce that’s organic, in season and always fresh. We're always in pursuit of quality and flavour so what you see is what you get. Amazing ingredients and tastes you love. You see that in the different selections we have. There's something for everyone and we want everyone to enjoy it here.

    When you bite into one of our mouth-watering pizzas, you can taste the love that goes in it.


    In the end, it’s all about good food, good times and good friends. That's what Madu and The Good Food Brotherhood is all about.

    don't forget the pizza!


    our lava stone pizzas

    are simply the best

    Make room.

    At Milk & Madu, it's OK to skip lunch and go straight to dessert.

    Want cake for breakfast? Go for it.

    In fact, we encourage it. And why wouldn't you?


    With our huge selection of sumptuous homemade cakes, cookies and pastries to choose from, it will make a sweet tooth blush.

    You won't be able to resist.


    Go ahead and indulge a little. Or a lot. We're not judging.

    We suggest take away for later too.

    have your cake and eat it too


    there's nothing in life cake can't fix

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  • Movies

    videos showing a lil' sumthin' sweet

    // Madu Coffee

    We can't start our day without great coffee. Can you? Join us on a day behind the grinder at Milk and Madu.  

    Canggu are you ready?

    // Milk & Madu x Malam

    Love Pizza?

    Have we got something for you!

    Dinners in Canggu just got yummier!


    #milkandmadu #pizzalovers #bali

    // Milk and Madu

    a day in the life

    Hit play and enjoy the sights and sounds of your Canggu fave

    Milk & Madu in 60 seconds!

    // Brunch Special

    Popular Indonesian food and lifestyle blog @Foodcious comes to visit! See Madu through their eyes and enjoy!

  • Events

    Book your party or private function now

    stand up x sitdown shindigs

    For groups of 10 - 50 people

    Celebrating a special occasion?


    Make a large group reservation or

    book the entire venue for your private event at Milk & Madu.


    Birthdays, kids' parties, hen's night, pop-ups etc.

    We'll arrange a fab menu plus all the extras.

    Just for you!


    take away x large orders

    For hungry peeps

    Something great goin' on?

    For those times when everyone craves pizza in the villa and y'all just wanna stay in. Sure! why not?

    Order for your tribe.

    We can also prep big quantities for pick up so all you do is enjoy.

    Check out our special menu.


    Tell us ahead of time so we can get the kitchen ready!



    Give us the idea

    and we'll make it happen


    contact us


    We'd love to share the moment and help create the perfect event.


    This is where it's at:


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