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    Casual Food For Busy Bees

    Good times, delicious food and great beats are a regular thing at Madu. This popular Canggu hangout is known for all-day brekky like you've never seen before. Maybe it's the fresh ingredients and superfood we put together to give you the best mornings. Maybe it's that everything is well-prepared and we give our food so much love. You feel and taste it in every bite. Maybe it's the Revolver Espresso that's the best on the island and beyond.


    From amazing all-day breakfasts, sumptuous lunches and delectable dinners, Milk & Madu is known

    for great food and good vibes. Enjoy the best coffee on the island matched with delicious desserts

    and Nalu Bowls just beside us. The freshest smoothies, luscious salad, wraps, burgers and more.

    Did we mention the pizza? Lava stone baked with fantastic toppings to crave for.

    Made with quality ingredients to give you the most memorable cafe experience in Bali.

    Located in the cool hipster neighborhood of Canggu.

    Welcome to Milk & Madu. You're gonna love this one.

  • Who On Earth Are We

    The Real Rockstars of Madu


    Putu & Agus a.k.a. Boss Baristas

    loves making the perfect brews !


    Pak Adi

    Novi, a.k.a. Miss Chu

    Loves her team at Milk & Madu!



    Tirtha, a.k.a. Ms. Gaya

    loves pretty little things!


    Agus Buzz

    Putu, a.k.a. Girl Scout

    super sweet & efficient!

    annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요

  • Breakfast Smoothies

    Milk & Madu Breakfast

    Something Different.

    Breakfast is more than just another meal, it's the kick starter to your day. It usually involves sweet coffee, crispy croissants, fresh juice and golden delicious eggs over buttered toast. But here at Milk & Madu we take it a step further, we get creative for all the right reasons. Try our dukkah poached eggs over crispy polenta with watercress and goats cheese. Or perhaps you might like our skillet shakshuka eggs, Israeli caramelized peppers and spices, olive oil and grilled sourdough. Breakfast in Berawa just got a whole lot better!



    Madu Coffee Buzz

    Boutique Coffee By Revolver

    To say we take our coffee seriously would be an understatement.


    Our latté glasses were handcarried from Australia because we wanted the proper, right size glasses. We work closely with acclaimed barister, Katie Allen from Revolver, arguably the best coffee in Bali, made from imported 100% Arabica from Colombia, Guatamala and Papua. Our creamy milk comes from expat Australian cows living in Java (yes they have visas).

    Most importantly, we always pour a double ristretto. Simply put, it's a single shot of coffee passing through a double hit of coffee grind... it means we get only pure golden crema goodness which makes for the best coffee.

    Full of oils, aroma, richness and taste that a single shot simply won't give you. All this coffee snobbery is pulled through our gorgeous retro

    La Marzocco machine in the hands of our expert baristas.

    Obsessed... well, only a little.

    We welcome you to linger over a perfect cup or swing by for a quick




    Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

    We eat cake because it's someone's birthday somewhere in the world every day! Oh yeah.


    At Milk & Madu, it's OK to skip lunch and go straight to dessert. In fact, we encourage it. And why wouldn't you? With our huge selection of sumptuous homemade cakes, cookies and pastries to choose from, it will make a sweet tooth blush. You'll find it hard to resist!

    Go ahead and indulge a little ;)


    Ala Carte Lunch

    Read it and weep.



    We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just making all your favorites, really really well. Brioche Burgers, big Tortilla Lunch Wraps, plush colorful salads that are so tasty you'll forget they're healthy, not counting our amazing showcase with freshly made Flatbread Pizzas and Paninis. Yum!

    There's something for everybody and always delicious a reason to return.


  • When We're Not Sleeping



    All-day Awesome Breakfast starts at 7 am

    Lunch starts at 12 noon

    Phenomenal Dinners from 5 to 10 PM

  • Where are We?

    Jalan Pantai Berawa #52 Canggu, Bali - Indonesia

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    We accept dinner reservations every day from 5pm.

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    Milk & Madu Malam

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    Dinners in Canggu just got yummier!

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